Carey Library and Research Centre

The Carey Library and Research Centre preserve rare papers, documents and manuscripts from the days of the founders of the college. This is a storehouse of valuable work in Oriental and European languages and holds a good number of ancient precious manuscripts.

The Carey Library and Research Centre, which has the Carey Museum within itself, has become the main attraction of many academicians and research scholars from all over the world. It remains open on all working days from 11.00 a. m. to 5.00 p.m.

The ‘Carey Library and Research Centre’ usually keeps contacts with institutions like

  • India Office Library, UK;
  • Sydney University, Australia;
  • Carey College, Pennsylvania, USA and
  • Tokyo University, Japan.

In Carey Library and Research Centre studies have been carried out on ‘The Ramayana Studies’, ‘Friend of India, the beginning of Journalism’, ‘Sanskrit Dictionary’, ‘Polyglot Vocabulary’, Recording Studio’, ‘William Carey’s contribution on Science and Literature’ etc.

Seminar Hall of the Carey Library and Research Centre is used for organizing conferences and workshops,cultural programmes and Sunday worship.

There are limited facilities for visitors to stay for a short period at Carey House with prior appointment