Department of Political Science

About the Department

The Department was established in 1913 and first offered honours course in 1970. Some of our teachers have later joined various national and state level universities, have pursued research activities and received widespread recognition. Currently, the department has adequate number of competent teachers, two of whom are actively engaged in research. A number of our students have pursued further studies from acclaimed institutions. Some of them have taken up teaching as a profession and are involved in research activities.

Courses Offered

  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.A. Honours Course
  • University of Calcutta recommended three years B.A. General Course

Message of the H. O. D.

Ms. Patrali SinhaOther than classroom teaching, our department engages itself in organising educational tours and interactive students’ seminars and encourages students for participating in informal academic discussions. We look forward to conduct some syllabus related field studies by the students, which will enhance their understanding of the subject matter. The department has a good stock of books in the seminar library which really helps the students in their academic pursuits and in enriching their knowledge base.

Teaching Staff

  3. Ms. PATRALI SINHA (Head of the Department) 

Seminar Library

The Department possesses a rich seminar library for its honours students. Books in both English and Bengali are available for students. The library collection includes both reference books and those catering to specialized interests. There are about 363 books in the stock.


  • Students of the department have participated in district level Youth Parliament Competition.
  • The department has from time to time organized educational tours.
  • A wall magazine is put up by the honours students. The faculty participates in seminars, workshops and other academic activities including research.

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