Mr. Pranab Pal [Department of Physics]

Serampore College students have the reputations of performing consistently well in different district-level, state-level or even in National –level sports competitions. Both male and female students have shown their excellence in different inter-college and inter-university sports competitions organized by the University of Calcutta and also by other Universities throughout India. The college has its own sports ground which is looked after by the Games Supervisor. Students are encouraged by the college Authority to participate in different sports events. They have performed well in many disciplines but the most remarkable achievements have so far been in

  1. Athletics (Men and Women)
  2. Table-Tennis (Men and Women)
  3. Volley Ball (Men and Women)
  4. Basket Ball (Men)
  5. Foot Ball (Men)
  6. Badminton (Men and Women)
  7. Swimming (Men and Women)
  8. Cricket (Men)
  9. Yogasona (Men and Women)
  10. Water Polo

Apart from these events there have been other inter-college competitions arranged by the Students’ Union. Students also take part in district Athletics and Football Championships organized by the Govt. of West Bengal.

The Annual Sports meet of the college is an important part of the academic calendar, in which not only students, but also teaching staff and support staff take part with equal enthusiasm. In its bid to encourage sports and games, the college gives preference during admission to those students who have participated in state-level sporting events.