Post Graduate Courses

The college offers M.Sc. Courses in Human Physiology and Zoology on a self-financing scheme. Successful candidates are awarded degrees by the University of Calcutta.

M. Sc. in Human Physiology

The college was granted permission for introduction of M. Sc. course in Human Physiology (Semester System) by West Bengal Higher Education Council (vide letter no. PG-CU/MS/95/SCHE/2009 dated 13 April 2009) and University of Calcutta (resolution of the Syndicate dated 29/07/2009 vide item no. 43). The department is going to introduce the above affiliated course from the session 2010 – 2011. Initially 20 seats have been approved for the course and we will follow the syllabus and regulations of University of Calcutta. The department offers following special papers on:

  • Biochemistry.
  • Sports & Exercise Physiology.
  • Endocrinology & Reproductive Physiology.
  • Nutrition & Dietetics.

The department is dedicated to the academic responsibilities. Apart from curriculum, department is encouraging the students for their research activities.

M. Sc. in Zoology

The year 2009 became another glorious year in the annals of Serampore College when the Department of Zoology opened the first Post-Graduate Course in this age-old institution. The course is run in Semester System under the University of Calcutta. The department is currently following its own syllabus which has been carefully framed on the pattern of the curriculum followed in the University of Calcutta with minor modifications. The intake capacity is 20 and there is provision for four elective papers:

  • Fisheries and Aquaculture.
  • Parasitology & Immunobiology.
  • Genetics & Molecular Biology.
  • Entomology

With the passionate involvement of the staff and students alike, the department is marching steadily towards academic excellence with all vigour and colour. The teachers are actively engaged in scientific research which is evident from the four UGC minor and one major research projects already completed in the department and one UGC Major Research Project currently undertaken. Students, apart from their regular classroom studies, are constantly encouraged and oriented towards planning their future career with programmes like outside laboratory visits, field training and workshops, participation in seminars and conferences etc.