I. Council of Serampore College

The Council of Serampore College is the supreme/apex body in the structure of the College. Incorporated by the Royal Charter, granted in 1827, by the Danish King, Frederick, VI and enlarged by the Serampore College Act of 1918 by the Government of Bengal, the Council continues to exercise its overall responsibilities for this unique institution. It has a membership of seventeen members (including the Master and Principal) and has an ecumenical and representative character. It constantly seeks to win adequate support to the institution both as teaching college and as theological university. According to the Charter and Statutes of the College, the Council is vested with all powers, including that of management of the College. The council makes bye-laws for governing College administration. The members are appointed for 5 years term at a time. An Honorary Finance Secretary is appointed to work with the Principal, who is also the Secretary of the Council. The present Council consists of:


Master The Rt. Rev. Dr. John S. Sadananda,Church of South India
Vice-Master Mrs. Hilda Peacock, Church of North India
Secretary Prof. Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte Presbyterian Church of India


1. Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Marthoma Church
2. Rt. Rev. Dr. P. Surya Prakash Church of South India
3. Rev. Dr. Philip S. Masih Methodist Church of India
4. Rev. Dr. Ponnaiah Manoharan Lutheran Church
5. Rt. Rev. Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorious Orthodox Church
6. Dr. Sarada Devi Karnatakam Lutheran Church
7. Rev. Dr. Suppogu Joseph Andhra Baptist Church
8. Rev. H. Lianngaia Baptist Church of Mizoram
9. Rev. Dr. J.F. Jyrwa Presbyterian Church of India
10. Most Rev. Dr.P.P. Marandih Church of North India
11. Rev. Nirmal Kumar Sapui Bengal Baptist Union
12. Rev. Dr. Mar Atsongchanger Ao Baptist Churches Association
13. Rev. Dr. Solomon Rongpi CBCNEI
14. Rev. Anjan Sinha Baptist Missionary Society


 Senate of SeramporeCollege is the university wing of the College which looks after the academic affairs of the faculty of theology. The Senate of Serampore College functions independently with a separate office within the campus and work for the day to day administration and activities of the academic welfare of all the affiliated theological colleges in and outside the country. The President is the head of the body and the Registrar is the chief executive of the Senate.

 Officers of the Senate:

President       :           Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos

Convener       :           Prof. Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte

Treasurer       :           Rev. Dr. Ivy Singh

Registrar        :           Rev. Dr. Santanu K. Patro

The Senate mainly functions in four wings; the Senate (main) Office, Department of Research/ South Asia Theological Research Institute (SATHRI), Senate Centre for Extension and Pastoral Theological Research (SCEPTRE) and Board of Theological Education of the Senate of Serampore College (BTESSC). Each wing is headed by Dean or Secretary.

 1.      Senate Office, Serampore
Registrar  Rev. Dr. Santanu Kumar Patro
2.      Department of Research/SATHRI, Serampore
  Dean   Rev. Dr. P.G. George
3.     SCEPTRE, Kolkata
  Dean   Rev. Dr. Wati Longchar
  Associate Dean Dr. M.T. Cherian
4.     BTESSC, Bangalore
  Secretary Rev. Dr. P. Mohan Larbeer

II. FACULTY Committee(Local Governing Body)

The Faculty Committee is a local governing body which looks after the day to day administration of the College and its campus. The present members are:

1. Prof. Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte Principal (Chairperson)
2. Dr. Ratna Dutta Vice Principal (ASC) & Faculty Secretary
3. Rev. Dr. Subhro S. Sircar Vice Principal (Theology)
4. Dr. Asima Das Bursar
5. Dr. S.S. Dasgupta Secretary (ASC)
6. S. Temjen Imchen Secretary (Theology)
7. Rev. Dr. Santanu K. Patro Registrar, Senate
8. Mr. Ashok Pradhan Finance Secretary, Council
9. Dr. Manas Kumar Ghosh Teachers’ Representative (ASC)
10. Dr. Suman Dutta Teachers’ Representative (ASC)
11. Rev. Dr. Pratap Digal Teachers’ Representative (Theo)
12. Mr. Amit Kumar Das Non-teaching Representative (ASC)
13. Mr. Lakshmikanta Hudait Non-teaching Representative (ASC)
14. Mr. Abhijit Das Non-teaching Representative (Theo)
15. Mr. P. Antony Raj Students’ Representative (Theo)
16. Mr. Suman Paul Students’ Representative (ASC)
17 Mr. Pranoy Karmi Students’ Representative (ASC)


Theology Committee is an administering body of the Theology Department. It administers the day to day function and activities of the Department. The Committee consists of the following:

1. Prof. Dr. Laltluangliana Khiangte Principal/ Ex-Officio Member
2. Rev. Dr. Subhro S. Sircar Vice-Principal (Chairperson)
3. Mr. S. Temjen Imchen Secretary
4. Rev. Dr. Dipankar Haldar Member
5. Dr. Laila L Member
6. Rev. Dr. M. Justin Moses Member
7 Mr. Samir Malik Non-teaching Representative
8. Mr. Bhakupar Khonglam Students’ Representative
9. All Teaching Staff and Librarian of Theology Dept. as Invitee (If and when necessary)