Appeal for Celebration of Carey Sunday

Respected Moderator/Metropolitan/Bishop/President/Director/Chairman/ General-Secretary Principal/Presbyter-In-Charge/Vice-Principal/Secretary/Mission Leader,

On behalf of the Council of Serampore College (University) we cordially invite you and your congregations/institutions to celebrate “Carey Sunday” on 21st August, 2011, during your regular Sunday Worship Services. Rev. Dr. William Carey, the founder of Serampore College (University) and Mission, was born on 17th August, 1761 and this year is the 250th Anniversary of his birth.

May we request you and your congregations/institutions to organize worship service/s to celebrate “Carey Sunday” and bring awareness among your congregations by organizing seminars/workshops about Carey’s life and Mission endeavours. May the spirit of the Father of Modern Mission, William Carey, challenge and rejuvenate our churches and Christian institutions in India to build a just and faithful community under the reign of God.

Serampore College has various programmes to enhance the mission of William Carey. Those are:

  1. To educate underprivileged boys and girls with minimum fees.
  2. To train young men and women for God’s Ministry.
  3. To equip less privileged girls and boys by giving them theological training with scholarship.
  4. To maintain the heritage and legacy of William Carey in Serampore College Compound and surrounding areas with the help of the well-wishers.

For strengthening some of these programmes the Council of Serampore College needs huge funds. We request the heads of the churches and Christian institutions to come forward with some support to enhance these programmes for which William Carey worked and laid down his life.

May we also request you to kindly take special offerings from your congregations/institutions for this purpose and send it to Serampore College by Cheque/DD in favour of the “Council of Serampore College,” which will be meaningfully used for any of the purposes mentioned above.

Looking forward to have your wholehearted cooperation,

With much prayers for the progress of our Churches and Christian Missions in India,

Rt. Revd. Dr. John Sadananda
Council of Serampore College (University)


When William Carey and his associates founded Serampore College in 1818, they meant it to be “pre-eminently a divinity college” and “ a handmaid of evangelization.” True to the original vision of the Founders, Theology Department of Serampore College continues to train men and women for the Church. Many Pastors, Bishops and Church Leaders of today are former students of Serampore College and its affiliated colleges. The College belongs to all the Protestant and Orthodox denominations, as they are constitutionally its constituent bodies. So, the Churches have the obligation to support it financially and with personnel, because it is not owned by any particular denominational Church. The College does not have any substantial regular source of income , apart from the students’ fees, which are not sufficient to meet the total requirements. The department has annual deficits to the tune of Rs. 20 (twenty) lakhs every year, when total requirements and total fee income are compared. The deficits have to be met from donations. Apart from the needs for running the department, there are needs in the areas of electricity bills and maintenance of the old buildings. The College is approaching its 200 years of existence, to celebrate which, major projects are going to be undertaken. All the former students, former teachers, Churches, friends and well wishers are hereby appealed to send your willing donations  by  Bank Draft/cheque to Principal, Serampore College, Serampore, Hooghly 712201, West Bengal, India. Those who want to send donations from abroad can  do it by electronic bank transfer, details for which can be asked from the Principal at any of the email IDs:

The donation may be earmarked for any of the following:

  1. Theological education
  2. Repair and maintenance
  3. Electricity
  4. Projects
  5. Poor students’ scholarship