Bachelor of Divinity



The purpose of training students through theological education here, as elsewhere, is to make them effective ministers. We try to encourage deeper commitment and spiritual growth as we live together as community. Knowledge towards developing mental faculty both theoretically and practically and understanding of the faith towards spiritual growth and maturity are equally important. In many areas both ministers and laity have considerable opportunity of moulding the cultural, political, and economic and religious life of their people. If they are to do so in an enlightened and effective manner they need preparation. For this we have compulsory courses in all the major branches of study together with interdisciplinary courses focusing on major issues in our present situation to make theological teaching relevant to the context. From all these branches Senate examines the required number of papers to ensure that all-India standard is maintained and rest of the papers as prescribed by the Senate are examined by the College. Beyond this the student is free to choose from a wide variety of optional courses.

 Academic Calendar:

 The academic calendar begins with one month orientation programme officially termed as ‘Summer School’ for the new batch of Bachelor of Divinity (BD) students, followed by the usual academic routine in mid June every year. The academic calendar begins with a retreat for renewal of the faculty and students’ commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. The College follows the Semester system for its programmes. The first semester ends in September with a term examination in the first/second week of October. The second semester begins in the third/last week of October and ends in mid April with both the Senate and the College Examinations.


The Bachelor of Divinity is a degree programme extending over a period of four years. The graduates holding BA/ BSc/ BCom or higher degrees are eligible to take this course. The BTh graduates of the SeramporeCollege or of any recognized university are also eligible to take this course.

 Course Requirement:

a) The normal length of the BD Course is four years.

 b) The one month orientation programme officially known as ‘Summer School’ will help make up the deficiencies in candidate’s training and introduce him/her to English, the Biblical languages and the branches of theological study.

 c) The courses under the BD program are divided into categories. Some courses are compulsory (foundational) and common to all students; these are grouped under one or the other of the 5 clusters or areas of study. Some are integrated/ interdisciplinary courses and a candidate will be expected to pass in at least 6 such courses.

 d) A candidate with BA/ BSc/ Bcom. Degree will be required to pass in 52 papers and a thesis (or 2 papers of 4 credit course each in lieu of the thesis) besides passing preliminary Examination in biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek), Scripture Knowledge and English.

 e) A candidate with B.Th degree in third class will be required to sit in the 2nd Year B.D (3rd year as per Senate).

 f) A candidate who has passed the BTh examination of the Senate of Serampore College in the First/ Second class is eligible for admission to the Third year (fourth year as per Senate Regulation) of the BD programme.

 g) A student is required to have 80% attendance in each of the papers, failing which may lead to debarment from examination.

 h) A candidate must attend all the Practical Exposure Program and Week End Ministries arranged by the College towards the fulfillment of requirement by the Senate.

 There is a Scripture Knowledge Test conducted annually for every class separately and required to pass towards the fulfillment of requirement by the College.