The Theology Department of Serampore College publishes books, journals and magazine from time to time.

1. Indian Journal of Theology (ISSN 0019- 5685)

 This Journal is a bi-annual scholarly journal published jointly by SeramporeCollege, Theology Department and Bishop’s College, Kolkata.

 Managing Committee:

Prof.(Dr.) Laltluangliana Khiangte, Principal, Serampore College
Rev. Dr. Sunil M. Caleb, Principal, Bishop’s College
Rev. Dr. Subhro Sekhar Sircar, Vice Principal (theology), Serampore College
Fr. Dr. John Romus, Professor of Theology, Morning Star College
Rev. Dr. K. P. Aleaz Professor of Religions, Bishop’s College
Rev. Dr. V. J. John Professor of New Testament, Bishop’s College
Dr. Aswathy John Asst. Professor of Theology, Serampore College


Rev. Dr. Pratap Chandra Gine

Rev. Dr. V.J. John

Business Manager:

Dr. Aswathy John

Articles (5,000 – 8,000 words) and Book Reviews (about 1,000 words) will be received by the editors at the following address:

The Editor,
Indian Journal of Theology
Serampore College
Seramore – 712201
West Bengal, India.


The Editor,
Indian Journal of Theology
Bishop’s College
224 A. J. C. Bose Road
Kolkata 700 017. India

Subscription shall be sent to the Business Manager at the Serampore College address as above. MO/DD should be made payable to NORTH INDIA INSTITU………

Rates of subscription:


India, Asia, Africa & Latin America Rs. 100.00 Rs. 250.00
U.K., Australia, New Zealand £ 6.00 £ 15.00
European Countries other than UK DM 15.00 DM 36.00
USA, Canada & Japan US $ 10.00 US $ 25.00

Students are offered a 25% on the respective subscription rates, for which the name of the institution they are studying be mentioned.

Indian Journal of Theology is indexed in the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) Religion Database.



1. Story of Serampore and its College, (Updated version) 2006

2. Life and Times of Carey, Marshman and Ward by John Clark Marshman, Reprint, 2006.

3. Carey’s Obligation to Indian Renaissance BY J.T.K. Daniel & Roger Hedlund, Reprinted in 2006.

4. Serampore College Hymn Book, 2006.

Visual/ CD

1. A Candle in the Dark: The Life story of William Carey in VCD.

For order, kindly write to:

 The Principal
Serampore College
Seramore – 712201
West Bengal, India.